Baker Art

These elegant pieces are a combination of 100% lead free pewter and fine Bohemian crystal. All the pieces were designed by noted California artist Willard Carmel, M.F.A. and are handcrafted in California by Baker Art Foundry. regardless of which design you choose these exquisited sculptures are a great idea for whenever there is a reason to celebrate, or just for fun.  All base designs are available as both a 13 oz. goblet or champagne flute. If for any reason a crystal breaks, the base can be returned and the crystal replaced for a nominal charge. As a gift there is nothing like Designs of the Vine.

In the Gallery

  • Embrace

    Also available in 13 ounce goblet

  • Heart Flute Set

    Two hearts go together as one

  • Mermaid

    Also available in 13 ounce goblet