Fire and Light

Conceptualized by a small group of people in a recycling minded community, Fire & Light continues to utilize a once wasted resource and recast it into beautiful glassware. The process begins with community members recycling their bottles and jars. After the recycling center delivers to the factory, they clean and crush the glass. Colorants (minerals) are added and the glass is loaded into their furnaces where it melts overnight. The next morning they hand ladle and press the molten glass into molds. The result is a unique line of beautiful glassware. Subtle variations in color, texture, and shape are the signature of this handmade process. Created for both form and functionality, Fire & Light glassware is known for its vibrant color and texture. All items are available in either Lavender, Cobalt, Aqua, Celery, Copper, Plum, Citrus, Twilight or Olive. There is nothing else like it! Fire & Light uses over 91% recycled glass in most of its colors. However due to color sensitivity, they are only able to use 1% recycled glass in Lavender, and none at all in Citrus. All products are dishwasher safe; they are not recommended for microwave use.

In the Gallery

  • Tablewear

    Dinner plate, salad plate, small bowl, candle stand, wind caddy, goblet, martini, tall glass, short glass, large bowl, pasta plate

  • Large Bowl

    11" diameter Shown in Copper, Lavender, Celery & Cobalt

  • Medium Bowl, Salad Bowl and Dinner Plate

    Medium Bowl (8")
    Small Bowl (6")
    Salad Plater (8 1/8")
    Dinner Plate (11")
    Shown in Copper, Plum and Olive???

  • Soap Dishes and Candle Stands

    Dipping Dish (4.75")
    Small Candle Stand (2.5")
    Medium Candle Stand (3.25")
    Soap Dish

  • Candle Stands and Holders

    Footed Candle Stand (6.75")
    Small Candle Stand (4.25")
    Wide Lipped Bowl (11")