Michael Aram

Metalware Designs

Michael Aram, an American metalware designer, has since 1989 been the driving force behind a cottage industry of Indian metalworkers who forge his artistic visions into tangible realities. Trained as a painter, sculptor and art historian, Aram has neatly applied his fine arts background to the decorative arts. Aram has created hundreds of designs ranging from table top to accessories to furniture. He calls his work “democratic”, as he enjoys selling his work in fine galleries as well as in hardware stores. He is equally comfortable creating pieces for private collections, gallery showings and for personal use in the home. Michael Aram has succeeded in making high quality work whis is as personal a statement as it’s appeal is universal.

In the Gallery

  • Sona Bowls

    Burnished copper w/ gold cladding
    w/ blackened aluminum ring
    4.5" diam; 8" diam ;12" diam ;14" diam.
    Call for availability & price

  • Claw Ice Tongs

    Get a grip with these silver plated 8" tongs.

  • Candles in Jars

  • Shoe Horn

  • Black Orchid Candle Snuffer

  • Black Orchid Bowl

  • Lemonwood Cheese Plate and Knife

  • Olive Oil Pitcher