Selma Calheira

Selma Abdon Calheira (pronounced Cal-yeira) is an amazing ceramist and an extremely determined individual with an artistic vision and a deep compassion for the less advantaged.The fantastic fruits, vegetables and other creations she designs are the products of Cores da Terra – Earth Tones. The name itself was coined by Selma because of her lifelong interest in clay and an endless research into natural pigments. Even as a child in the countryside of Ibirataia in northern Brazil, she learned to sculpt clay and fire it to create magnificent ceramic pieces. Selma’s journey has resulted in an amazingly successful enterprise which has brought extraordinary success to the rural economy of Bahia. Through Selma’s efforts Cores da Terra has catapulted into the high-end marketplace of international ceramics. And the prices for these products include paying everyone, from floor sweeper to ceramist, a respectable salary on which each can live comfortably and with dignity. Since the beginning Selma purposely looked to hire economically disadvantaged people, nearly all of whom were unemployed or under employed. Today they are professional ceramists. Please note that in June, 1998 Ms. Calheira was invited to exhibit her work at the Louvre in Paris.

All designs are subject to availability.

In the Gallery

  • Apple

  • Cherries

  • Pears