Sergio Gutierrez

Sergio Gutierrez was born in Colombia in 1965. He studied Electronic Engineering in Medellin, Colombia. Later in 1991 he moved to San Francisco where he began exploring ways of using ball chain to create a mesh like fabric. After two years of research he finally developed what is now the basis of all his “Liquid Metal” creations. His collection includes bracelets, chokers, belts, vests, skirts, dresses, earrings and necklaces. In 1996 he moved to Miami where his company Liquid Metal, Inc. began to grow. At the present he incorporates into his “mesh” electronic circuitry components that have been altered to resemble the most delicately intricate decorative elements. Celebrities like Demi Moore, Cher, Patricia Wettig, Marilyn Manson, Sara Michell Gellar, Toni Braxton and Sharon Stone have purchased and worn his creations.

All designs are subject to availability.

In the Gallery

  • B-10 Bracelet

  • TB-9 Bracelet

  • TB-32 Bracelet

  • E-16 Earrings

  • E-14 Earrings

  • B-9 Bracelet

  • TB-33 Bracelet